The New Image is a blog and project archive I created to both document and generate ideas around art education and visual culture. For the past six years I have taught in the Bay Area in a variety of settings working with age groups PreK- to adults which has challenged and enriched my own understanding of the purpose and power of art practice.  Approaching art practice in a community setting whether it be an art studio, a classroom or an online forum brings forth deeper inquiries into the meanings in our work and in the visual culture in which we are surrounded. I envision the New Image as a both a space which catalogs these inquiries and provides space for discussion.

The title of this blog is a statement from the writing of Gaston Bachelard : “when the image is new, the world is new” a simple yet profound observation that guides my practice and hopefully inspires youth to see their participation in the visual arts as cultural transformation.

About Me

I am a Bay Area (Oakland)  printmaker and art educator that is passionate about promoting art practice in schools. I believe art education is essential to the development of innovative and creative thinking regardless if a student chooses to enter a creative field. I am interested in the ways in which art practice intersects with other disciplines and welcome and promote interdisciplinary collaborations.  To see examples of my personal artwork visit my website, american hinterlands.