As an introduction to working with video, I taught a unit on video collage, high school juniors in Honors II Art.  Students gathered clips from prellinger archive, you tube, vimeo, and their own recordings using flip cameras and created a video collage piece in response to an excerpt from Alan Lightman’s Einstein’s Dreams they were assigned to read and that we discussed in class.

The student could choose to use either i movie or final cut pro, I taught the basic skills in both, most students used i movie, and edited their sound in garage band. The unit took 3 weeks, with class meeting twice a week in block periods.

For years students have been working with Einsteins Dreams to inspire video works, you can find many on youtube, so we looked at these as references. After the project was finished we had a film festival night for the parents and created a channel on youtube to enter this larger video conversation.

“The Center of Time” was a highlight of the film festival to see click here: Center of Time

Click here to see all of the videos: Innovation Arts Einstein’s Dreams Project