This is a project I got from Ken Vieth’s From Ordinary to Extrodinary. I did this project with my 9-12 grade Art 1 foundations class using foam core and xacto knives and it came out great.  Students did some reflection on what family means to them and then brainstormed 5 qualities in each family member they would like to represent and also the kinds of shapes (pos/neg space) might represent these qualities. Students then made mock ups out of manilla folder before cutting out their final pieces out of foam core. The sculptures are held together with foam glue and sewing pins. Students were allowed to use one color to highlight a quality of their family if they wanted. The way the pieces fit together describes the relationships between members of the family.

I found it to be a very good project for teens, it allowed them to reflect on their family and their role in the family structure. It also allowed me to get to know my students better and to understand the families they come from a bit more.